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After finishing a sociology course in the University, Akio moved to Tokyo and started to work in a photographic studio. There he learnt how to speak in photography and gradually started to speak in his own way.

He moved to London hoping this would give the content of his work another aspect. His work has gradually established himself with his experimental fashion photography and as well as still image, his dedication to his work has also lead him to work with moving image for other companies, fashion labels and musicians to build up their world.

His work is largely influenced by his surroundings and because of that he feels there are three main perspectives to it. The first being growing up in Kyoto,  which he sees as being one of the most iconic cities as Japanese tradition, then Tokyo, which he feels is a city of high quality commercial industry in Asia, and finally, London, which he sees as one of the most experimental cities in the world.

Using these experiences as his pallet he aims and will continue to aim to incorporate all the elements of his experience into his work, in  the pursuit of discovering the relationship between our inner and outer worlds.


Disney, Google, CocaCola, O.B., OFFICE, Puma, Sedal, Cadbury, Fuji Film, Shiseido, Wacoal, Moog, IDEM, Raven Tech, OBJ, Tate modern, Mencap, Visit London, Sony music, EMI record, Victor Entertainment, Speed Star Record, EMI, Avex inc, Toys Factory, Sony Music, Victor Entertainment, Colla Disc, Yuri Suzuki, Primo, Daniel Hirshmann, Tommy Hilfiger, Kim Jones, Fugahum, TimothyAndrew, IRIS VAN HERPEN, David Fielden, Eliana Dinitrakopoulou, Alabel Lebrusan, Theatre De La Mode, Leblas, Heather Blake, K45 Design 


Attitude, Elle(Russia), Flux, i-D, IssueOne(Japan), Khooligan(Russia), Neo2(spain), Oyster(Australia), Ozon(Greece), SuperSuper, Trace, Tirade, Vision(China), Vogue(Ukraine), ShowStudio, Dazed Digital. Mother Magazine 



2014 Berlin Fashion Film Festival “Best Emerging Artist” nominee
2009 Dazed and COnfused “Tennage Cover competition” / Editors Special Prize 

2004 Dazed and Confused “Re-Creation Award” / 2nd Grand Prix
2002 Gaien award / Nominee 

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